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Witch's Familiars

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This design depicts the five supposed familiar spirits of a witch detected by Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins, following 'interrogation' in 1644. These spirits included:

Holt, "who came in like a white kittling" (kitten)
Jarmara, "who came in like a fat Spaniel without any legs at all"
Vinegar Tom, "who was like a long-legg'd greyhound, with a head like an Oxe"
Sacke and Sugar, "like a black Rabbet"
Newes, "like a polecat"

Familiar spirits were believed to be supernatural entities that would assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. The horseshoe was seen as a protective symbol, often nailed above front doors to ward off the forces of evil.

A5 size lino print on 300gsm paper, printed with black oil based ink.

Print may vary slightly from the picture shown, as each will have its own individual imperfections from the hand pressed printing method.